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Ellie and GB
Ellie and her girl.


Ellie's Girl


Ellie at home with Gadget

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Strong Museum

Ellie went away with us for a couple of days to visit the Strong museum. She is almost a perfect traveling companion. She still won't relieve herself while working. We take off her vest and leash and then she will do her business. Thankfully, she is reliable enough we can do that.

Ellie stayed close to GB at the hotel and restaurants. At the museum, Ellie was a hit with all the families. GB was very proud of her. One lady asked GB what Ellie's job was. GB told her that Ellie makes her feel safe. It is amazing all the things GB will try when Ellie is with her!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nobody Is Perfect!


Yesterday's post was accurate- honest! But today was not quite as good a day as Ellie normally has. There was 1/2 of a Triple Chocolate Delight Cake left for yesterday's BarBQ. It was sealed in a cake holder. When I fed Ellie this morning, I checked the counters and the island for food. I  did not check the dining room  table, because food is never left there. Except this time, the chocolate cake was. Ellie is a very smart dog, and when she noticed the chocolate cake, she abandoned her dog food. At least she didn't leave any mess to clean up- not a single crumb!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Outside Time

Winter is over and everybody is outside again. Ellie and GB are still working on their bonding, but it is progressing. Not doing as well at Public Access, as GB needs her most in places with lots of people and activities and that is where Ellie herself still struggles. Ellie has many commands at an automatic level at this point. She always stops at a door and waits for an ok when going out. She knows her potty spot and when told "Potty" goes to that spot to relieve herself. We aren't putting up gates in the house anymore, as a visual reminder works well. GB and Ellie are inseparable during the night. We have  moved Ellie's bed to the bottom of GB's bed and by morning they are entwined together like they have always belonged to one another. We are still working on Ellie comforting GB when she is winding up to a meltdown. It is hard to do because you need two calm, competent adults- one to help GB and one to train Ellie. Ellie gets upset when GB loses reality and doesn't know how to help.  Now, with the nice weather, we have been working outside on heel with out a leash on. The squirrels make it a challenge, because chasing squirrels is Ellie favorite outdoor activity.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After the last week of snow and three days of a fever, Ellie and I got to do some serious training today. We reviewed all the basics, and then went outside without the leash. We have a wrap around driveway and only the street side of the yard is unfenced. I brought a handful bacon and cheese wraps, cut into 1" pieces. I used 'heel' when we started walking. Every three or four feet, if Ellie was still healing, she got a treat and a 'good Ellie'. If she wasn't, I told her to wait, ans when I caught up, I stopped and had her sit, then gave her a treat. Again, I used 'heel' as we started walking. By the second time around the house, I was just giving her a treat every three feet, along with a reminder to 'heel'. Then we played with her kong ball as a reward. I would throw it across the yard and Ellie would fetch it and bring it back. She needs a 'leave it' reminder and then she drops it at my feet and we did it all over again. I watched for her attention wavering, having saved one last treat. When she seemed to be losing interest, I said, "Ellie in" she ran up the steps and sat and waited for me. After I opened the door and went in,I said OK and Ellie came in. She sat right in front of me and waited for me to give her the last treat. I can't wait for spring. Ellie loves to be outside is it is not cold, icy, or wet.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Fair Weather Dog

Ellie is feeling much better. It is a good thing. With the cold, wet, snow today, Ellie doesn't even want to go out to pee. She is truly a Georgia dog. Her winter coat and boots don't help, neither does her rain coat. Her and GB want/ need to go out and run. I hope winter ends really, really soon.